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Boat Insurance

Boats, Yachts, and Watercraft Insurance

There are unique challenges to selecting the correct policy for your watercraft.  Costs will vary by length and type, level of coverage and areas of operation.  We want you to enjoy the voyage with no worries.

Our approach is “all hands on deck” to customize your Marine Insurance needs.  Accidents happen on the water just as they do on the road. Let us provide expert guidance in finding the coverage that best suits you and your budget. By placing your trust in DRS Insurance Group, you are guaranteed to have customized coverage at the best rates available.

Boat Insurance includes

    Coverage for bodily injury resulting from the operation of your boat

    Physical damage to your vessel should you hit something or run aground

    Damage to property of others resulting from the operation of your boat

Some of the comprehensive coverage includes

   Theft  Vandalism
   Fire  Flood
   Uninsured Boater Insurance  Coverage for your personal Fishing Gear
   Roadside Assistance  Pollution