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Multi-ethnic group of people raising glasses sitting at beautiful dinner table celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family

In this COVID-19 world, you have postponed, rescheduled, and reimagined everything from weddings and baby showers to birthday parties and graduations. Now, you must decide if you are passing the sweet potato casserole around the table or hosting a virtual dinner around the computer. As you carve out some quality time to celebrate with family, you should know the role homeowner’s insurance plays in covering any unpredictable mishap. After all, it is 2020, and anything can make your feast go foul.

A Flaming Butterball

To avoid the local firefighters dropping by for some smoked turkey and burnt pie, keep your cooking space clean and safe! According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires. And the majority of these fires occur due to unattended cooking and distractions. 

In case the butterball goes up in flames, and you burn the house and detached garage down, Dwelling coverage and Other Structures coverage should help cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding.

A Case of Toxic Turkey

If you are celebrating around a food-laden table and not the computer screen, take extra health and safety precautions. Nobody wants to be the person who sends everyone home with a case of food poisoning. If your guests end up in the emergency room, your liability coverage will cover their medical expenses. If a lawsuit occurs, your carrier will also cover the costs of the litigation and provide you with legal representation.

Too Much Wild Turkey

Even amid a global pandemic, over 50 percent of Americans still plan to drive or fly to a loved one’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Unfortunately, not all trips will go as planned because alcohol plays a significant role in road accidents on Thanksgiving compared to other days of the year.

If a guest hits the bourbon a bit too hard before hitting the road, you may be held liable as the host. Most home insurance policies provide coverage in the event a claim stems from over-serving a guest in your home. As with food poisoning claims, your carrier will cover the costs of the litigation and provide you with legal representation.

Minimize Risk with Homeowner’s Insurance

Nobody expects their holiday celebration to result in a cornucopia of fiascos, but it does happen. Unless you have the proper homeowner’s insurance, Thanksgiving could end up costing much more than the price of a turkey and fixings. Contact our insurance experts to see how we can help with your homeowner’s insurance rates!

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