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The Need to Know on Auto Insurance this Hurricane Season

Being Aware of Auto Coverage Details

It’s never safe to assume that your auto policy will cover your car in the event of a hurricane. Don’t push your luck by waiting to find out the hard way. If you live (or plan on driving to) an area that is at risk for hurricanes, check your auto coverage before it’s too late. The strong winds and rapid flooding associated with hurricanes can result in serious, long-lasting damage to your vehicle. Hurricanes are unpredictable, but your insurance coverage shouldn’t be. It’s always cheaper to be properly insured than to cover the cost of car repairs or replacement by yourself.

Collision vs. Comprehensive Coverage

In order for your car to be fully protected against storm damage, you’ll want to have two types of coverage. Collision covers your car in a crash, meaning if it gets hit by an object (including another vehicle) or if you hit something. If you get in an accident while driving in hurricane conditions, a collision claim can be made to pay for the damages. An example of this scenario includes driving into a barrier because your car tires slide as a result of the rain. The dangers of a collision don’t only apply to your car. Better to be safe than sorry and avoid the risk of injury while driving in a hurricane.

Comprehensive coverage goes beyond collision. Most people don’t drive in a storm, especially when it’s predicted in advance. Because of this, the damage to vehicles is more often caused by high winds blowing debris or flipping your car. Additionally, flooding is also a major concern. Water damage in a vehicle can lead to rust, expensive mechanical and electrical issues, and a musty interior that no amount of air freshener can fix. If you have any concerns about your auto policy’s ability to weather a hurricane, check with your insurance agent to secure proper coverage right away. Give yourself one less thing to worry about when the next storm sweeps through the town.

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