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Spring Cleaning Your Insurance

As winter time subsides, we are able to turn our attention to warmer days, an abundance of sunshine and a renewed spirit. Coming out of cool days hibernation can be invigorating and euphoric. Gone are the days of gray skies, clouds and early dark evenings. It’s time to step out in the light. Unfortunately what we find is what we’ve been avoiding all winter. The light shows us clutter, clutter and more clutter. The garage needs organizing, the closets need to be cleaned out and the list goes on to include maintenance, washing and possibly scary discoveries.

As our article pertains to insurance and not home maintenance, here are 4 ways to declutter and organize your insurance files and policies.

Declutter your email inbox.

More than likely there are emails from your insurance company, carriers and agent in your inbox. They might include important issues that need your immediate response. They could also be informative articles to help you understand your insurance policies and needs. Lastly, there could be an email with a past due notice. By placing these messages in a labeled folder, you will be able to easily refer to them and place subsequent emails in the same folder.

Declutter your mail.

Although we live in a digital age, many people still prefer to receive notices, invoices, and the like by snail mail. Properly filing policies in a cabinet or a drawer for safe keeping will help in organizing your insurance policies. Decluttering your mail may also mean throwing some of it away. Be sure to shred personal sensitive information that could harmful to your identity in the wrong hands.

Declutter your file folders.

Whether your records are on your computer or in your file cabinet, there are probably files, information, policies, invoices, receipts and more in disarray. The ability to find what you need when you need it is important always, but may be of vital importance in case of an emergency or death. You or your loved ones will be more at ease when the information about policies is readily available and questions can be answered quickly and efficiently.

The last suggestion comes after each of the above is accomplished.

Declutter your mind.

  • Do you know what insurance you have?
  • Do you know where to find the policies?
  • Do you know and understand the nuances of your policies?
  • Do you know how much you are paying and why?
  • Do you have an executor for your estate when the need arises?
  • Do you have a will that explains your wishes?
  • And lastly, Do you know and trust your insurance agent?

By decluttering your insurance, you are now ready for an insurance evaluation. DRS Insurance Group will gladly help you with such a review and assist you in understanding, consolidating and decluttering your insurance policies.

Happy Decluttering,
DRS Insurance Group