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As the holidays wind down and normalcy begins to set in, finding the familiar routine of work, school, life, etc. is comforting. The hustle and bustle of the holidays tend to occupy our time with out of town guests, shopping, eating and possibly spending more money than budgeted. Again, we welcome the familiar routine of everyday life.

Now to the activity that always challenges the routine and familiar – making a New Year’s Resolution. The goal may not only be in keeping it, but also deciding on a resolution that is purposeful.  The normal choices are to lose weight, walk more, work less, work more, save more money, etc., but there are other resolutions available. Here are a few suggestions from the world of insurance:

First, organize your insurance policies in a safe manner. This will not only compile them, but also help you access them in one location. This filing may be by hard copy in a file drawer or electronically. If you are organizing all your policies and paperwork on the computer, make sure the files are backed up in the cloud storage space online or on a thumb drive that is stored in a safe place such as a safety deposit box.

Second, plan to sit down with a local insurance agent and review all your insurance policies. This will help you understand what you have, how you are covered and if there are any insurance gaps. The auto insurance and home insurance are a good place to begin.   However, there are other insurance policies that one may need such as an umbrella policy and personal articles that may need to be itemized and insured in case of theft.

A resolution to review your insurance should also include asking, do you have enough life insurance? Do you have the right kind of life insurance? Is everyone in your home covered by life insurance? The fact is, we all need end of life preparations. This includes life insurance but also a will and executor which is another matter to review as well.

Lastly, the insurance resolution will most likely involve shopping for better insurance rates, especially for your home and autos. Just be sure your decision is to not just based on the best price.  You also need the correct coverage and the best agent.

Working with the right agent for you is worth more than a few dollars in premium savings.  Be sure the agent you choose is experienced and someone you can count on when a claim arises. You will be glad to have this person and their team on your side when you need them.

As you begin the new year and think about your yearly resolution to shed a few pounds, add to your New Year’s resolution an insurance preparedness review.

Happy New Year,
DRS Insurance Group