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Top 5 Ways to Prepare your Small Business
for the Holiday Season

The holidays are an exciting time for small businesses – increased sales, the hustle and bustle, and holiday parties. With this rush comes an increase in theft and preventable workplace accidents. Taking steps to prepare before yuletide begins can help retailers and small businesses alike avoid these common problems.


Set up commercial surveillance if you haven’t already

  • You may not want to think about it, but the holiday season brings a high increase in theft, shoplifting, and general mischievous behavior from staff and customers. This increased risk can make your business a target – and you can do something about it! Getting commercial surveillance set up can help you monitor your organization when you can’t. Video evidence can also be used in case of a potential criminal investigation and has even been shown to prevent crime from happening in the first place. Even purchasing and setting up a simple camera will give you peace of mind that your assets are being looked after 24/7.


Increase staffing if holiday sales are increased to prevent overworking your staff

  • There’s a reason the practice of seasonal staffing has grown over the last few decades – it works! Holidays can be stressful for all members of your team, hiring one or two part-timers earlier on in the season will help reduce the strain. Start the hiring process early and make sure you take the time to train your workers properly. We suggest pairing newer employees with more knowledgeable staff early on to ease the onboarding process. Remember, small businesses thrive with the right team helping your customers – hire wisely.


Create a plan on how your team will handle Winter weather

  • If your workplace is in an area where snow could be a factor in your employees’ commutes – be sure to have a plan in place and review this plan with your employees so they know what is expected of them. Employees are more productive when they know they work for an owner who cares about their safety. If their work can be completed remotely, you may want to consider work-from-home days when the weather is dangerous for traveling. 


Keep your workplace operating safely

  • Now’s the perfect time to review and revise your team’s safety manual. Make it a priority to promote safe practices to prevent an injury in the workplace. Schedule a company meeting to go over your safety manuals and be sure to reinforce them daily. Here are some additional safety tips that are more seasonally related:
    1. Choose holiday decor wisely and make sure to have timers on lights to run only when a staff member is in the building. Try to stay away from paper or wreaths as they will increase the fire load in your business.
    2. Don’t overcrowd or clutter your aisles or warehouse space, and don’t cover emergency exits or anything else that may make it difficult to exit the building in case of a fire, an active shooter, or any other significant event.

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Make sure your insurance policy is optimized for your business needs

  • Nothing in the business world is guaranteed. You could cross your T’s and dot your I’s, and something could still go wrong. Make sure you understand your business’ insurance policy and what you’re covered for in case of theft, workplace injury, fire, or any other tragic event. If you’re unsure about what you’re covered for, reach out to your insurance agent to learn more. If you’re unhappy with your coverage, get a free consultation from an insurance agency that works with small businesses like yours every day.


Happy Holidays & Best Wishes from the team at DRS Insurance Group!


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