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Hurricane Season 2020 Preparedness

The extra precautions you and your family need to make for the 2020 Hurricane Season.

It’s no question that 2020 will be a year we all will remember. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the known Coronavirus world-wide pandemic, mass-flooding in Michigan, protests, and riots. What’s unknown, and what can also cause more stress added to your plate, is how this year’s Hurricane Season will pan out. The best way to ease that anxiety and fear is by preparing and becoming more informed. Here, we’ll break down three ways you can get ready for Hurricane Season this year, which may look different from ways you’ve prepared in the past.


1. Include Extra Supplies in your Hurricane Kit to Prevent Contracting COVID-19

We all have heard the standard CDC guidelines to stock up on non-perishable foods, water, first aid kits, batteries, battery-powered radios, flashlights, and more. This year, your Hurricane Kit should include a few other items to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. When assembling your kit, be sure also to include the following items:

  • Multiple face masks or coverings for each family member over two years old
    • Note: Children under the age of 2 should not use face covers. They also should not be used by people having trouble breathing, or who are unconscious, incapacitated, or unable to remove the mask without assistance.
  • Hand sanitizer and an extra supply of hand soap
  • Plan for how to access clean water used for hand-washing
    • Hurricane damage can result in compromised water supplies – be sure you have access to clean water you can use when you no longer have access to your tap.


2. Make a Plan to Continue Social Distancing Guidelines

It has been stated by multiple organizations, including the CDC and WHO, to continue social distancing practices (staying at least 6 feet, about 2 arms’ length, from others) even when in a hurricane’s path. This means when helping neighbors, filling sandbags, getting supplies, and even when having to potentially evacuate. Money is tight due to the Pandemic already – so it may be financially difficult for families to spend their dollars on costly travel expenses. Making a plan early on how you will afford this expense can prevent you from making a panicked decision when in the dreaded ‘Cone’. There may be cost-effective ways to help you recoup costs associated with evacuations, like evacuation insurance.

If you are not able to temporarily relocate to another area of your state, you may need to prepare to seek shelter in a state-supplied shelter. If this is your plan, you will need to bring your masks (at least 2 per family member), and hand sanitizer to keep near you. Also, be sure to contact your local government to know what else you will need to bring. If you have pets, call the shelter ahead of time to make sure they will be allowed.


3. Getting Supplies Early and Stocking Up During Grocery Trips

If you’ve gone through – or watched live coverage of areas affected by Hurricanes, you know that items in supermarkets fly off the shelves when a storm is predicted to hit an area. With the extra strain on supply chains already due to the virus, it may be tougher for grocery stores to keep up adequate stock when a hurricane gets close to your coast. To prevent riding out the storm without necessary supplies, you’ll need to stock up early and rotate your supplies often. This means buying extras of non-perishable items you regularly use when shopping and replacing them to make sure your food does not go bad. It also means to get your supply of water, or even better – getting reusable water containers, now.

A great way to stock up on supplies without breaking the bank is to slowly stock up when grocery shopping each week – extra batteries one week, tarps another, and if you want to purchase a generator, take advantage of tax-free weeks in your state. Another great suggestion from our team here at DRS Insurance Group is to consistently keep a full can of gas in a gasoline canister in your regular rotation. This will allow you to avoid the massive lines at the pump when evacuating.


With proper precautions and preparation, you can ride out 2020’s Hurricane Season with a little more peace of mind. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy throughout the upcoming months. If you would like to review your insurance policy to ensure you’re properly covered – give our agents a call to get a comprehensive overview.



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