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Life Insurance

Life Insurance


Life Insurance can be a difficult subject to talk about.

Sadly, the loss of a loved one can become a financially devastating event. Life Insurance can provide your family, spouse or other dependents with the funds they need to continue their present lifestyles.

Some consumers go overboard and buy too much life insurance or get involved in complicated policies that aren’t appropriate for them.

At DRS, we are dedicated to providing you with the perfect balance of insurance that will give you peace of mind and affordability.  We can also help you decide between the different types of Life Insurance available.

Term insurance is intended to provide coverage for a specific period of time and it generally provides the largest immediate death benefit at the lowest cost. Permanent insurance can “lock in the premium” and a death benefit with cash value that grows over time.

DRS Insurance Group will help you in the decision-making process with an analysis of which type of insurance best suits your situation.