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Canine Liability Insurance

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Affordable Canine Liability Insurance

Your dog is a part of your family; they’re not just a pet. This can sometimes blind us from the potential liability dog ownership can bring. Unfortunately, even the most well-behaved pups can cause an accident. Something as simple as a playful nip or digging holes outside of your property line can cause time-consuming and costly litigations – not to mention irreparable damage.

Every dog owner needs Canine Liability Coverage.

Unfortunately, Canine Liability Incidents aren’t usually covered under your regular homeowner’s policy. But do not worry, coverage can be added for a nominal amount of money. Because even the most well-behaved dogs can act irrationally when presented with new environments or triggers, we recommend all pet owners carry this crucial coverage. 

K-9 Insurance Coverage - Bella Gibson

        Zeke Gibson, Cheif K-9 Officer

What does K-9 Liability Cover?

While not all coverages are the same, Canine Liability Insurance can cover damages caused by dog bites, damage to property, and protection against litigation due to dog behavior.

Who needs Canine Liability Coverage?

We recommend all dog owners carry Canine liability to protect them from worst-case-scenarios. This coverage is easy to add to your existing coverage and is very inexpensive.

Does my Homeowners Insurance Already Cover My Dog?

Due to recent market changes, it’s likely your homeowner’s policy has an exclusion for pets. Send the DRS Insurance team a message with your current policy, and we’ll take a look for you!

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