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Hurricane Evacuation Coverage

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Brand new affordable evacuation insurance program, Mangrove Evacuation, offered to Florida Residents. Developed by DRS Insurance Group. Ensure your family can evacuate when storms hit for as Little as $11/month. Recoup your travel expenses, food costs, and lodging.

Available Hurricane Evacuation Insurance Programs:

Rest easy knowing that your family has a plan in place & can evacuate safely.

  • Mangrove Evacuation

    • Leaving your home behind is never a good feeling, but if you live in the dreaded ‘cone’ it could be your family’s only safe option. With Mangrove you can ensure you’re not putting your family’s safety at risk due to costly evacuations. Learn more about Mangrove Evacuation.

Mangrove Evacuation is a Proud Product Built by DRS Insurance Group.

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*Open Enrollment in Mangrove Evacuation Coverage coming soon


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