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Homeowners Insurance Coverage

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Protecting your home and everything in it.

Homeowners Insurance is the most important policy you can buy to protect your personal assets. It’s essential to understand and choose the correct coverage.

Available Homeowners Insurance Products:

We will help you identify the product(s) that fit your unique needs and budget.
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Home or Dwelling Coverage

Having your home adequately insured is vital if there is a loss. We’ll help you make sure your coverage is adequate and those ‘’other structures’’ like a pool screen or fence are properly covered.

Personal Liability Coverage

We understand that accidents do happen. Having the correct and adequate limit of Personal Liability is essential in protecting your family and your assets against lawsuits.

Flood Insurance Coverage

Flood is a major exclusion in Homeowners policies and flood losses can be devastating to your home and personal property.  If you are inside a ‘’high hazard’’ flood zone your Lender may require the coverage.  However, even if you are high and dry, it’s a coverage worth discussing.  Learn More > 

Jewelry & Valuable Items Protection

We will show you options to increase protection on jewelry and other personal items where normal policies may be restrictive. Learn more about our Jewelry and Specialty Items Protection

K-9 Liability Coverage

Dog liability insurance protects you from financial responsibilities if your dog injures a person or causes property damage. All dogs have the potential to cause harm unintentionally, even if they are generally well behaved. Rates are low and coverage is often not included in traditional Homeowners coverage. Learn More >

Homeowners Insurance Savings

Satisfying Your Bank

If you have a mortgage on your home, we will make sure the process is seamless and ensure that your policy will satisfy your banking institution.


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