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Don’t Call Your Insurance Agent If…

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

There are times to call your insurance agent, and there are times not to call your insurance agent. The biggest thing to remember is that insurance is only good if it’s active and up to date. Don’t put off getting insurance until it’s too late, and try not to fall behind on your bill. Insurance is here to protect you and your family, but you have to let it!

When NOT to call:

You didn’t feel like paying your last few bills, but a tree fell onto your house and now you need coverage.

You’re angry that your auto bill has gone up, but you got 3 tickets in the last year.

Your bill has gone up by $2 a month.

You haven’t been insured for 6 months and just got pulled over.

You haven’t had insurance for 6 months and just got into an accident.

You are facing a lawsuit and you know you don’t have enough coverage.

You just found out you’re sick and want to get life insurance.

You totaled your car, but haven’t paid your bill in 3 months.

When TO call:

Call your insurance agent before all of these things happen. Call DRS Insurance today and book a FREE CONSULTATION to review your policies.


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