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It seems like there have been more wildfires than ever.

With the devastating news of the blazing wildfires tearing homes and towns apart throughout California this year, many are thinking about the restoration process. How long will it take to clean up and rebuild from the damage? Does insurance cover wildfires? Let’s look into homeowner’s insurance and how it works with natural disasters.

Generally, standard homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage from specific natural disasters, including fire. However, some insurers may not sell homeowner’s coverage in areas that are at risk. Coverage also may vary from policy to policy based on location. If you live in a geographical area where wildfires are common, you’ll need to find out the specifics of your policy, whether you have wildfire protection, and how much coverage you have. If your policy does offer wildfire protection, there are several different types of coverage you may have:

  • Dwelling Coverage – This will help pay for repairs to your home, porch, garage, deck, sheds, or other structures if these areas are damaged or destroyed.
  • Personal Property Coverage – This protection will help replace or restore your belongings that are lost or damaged, including furniture, electronics, and others.
  • Landscape Coverage – Some policies offer coverage for trees, plants, shrubs and other landscaping in the event that a fire causes them damage.
  • Additional Living Expenses – If your home is deemed inhabitable due to destruction by wildfire, your policy may cover part of the cost to rent a home or stay at a hotel while repairs are made, or other reasonable increased living expenses.

Fireproofing your Insurance with a little bit of preparation. 

Before a disaster occurs, you may want to take an inventory of your home and possessions and create a list of their condition and costs, along with photos. Should you need to provide proof of loss after a natural disaster, a record of your belongings can be very helpful.

It’s important to remember that every policy varies in regards to limits and deductions, so be sure to contact your insurance agent to review the details of your coverage. Make sure you understand the amount you’ll need to pay to meet your deduction, and the maximum amount the insurance will pay for damages.

At DRS Insurance Group, we are dedicated to helping our customers receive the highest quality coverage that meets their individual needs. Your insurance agent is here for you, so feel free to reach out today or stop by the office. With a little preparation, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property and belongings are protected in the event that a wildfire or other natural disaster occurs.