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How Claims Adjusters Determine Fault in Accidents

Being an auto claims adjuster is not an easy job. With so many variable factors that can play into the conditions of a driving accident, determining liability can quickly become a game of “he said, she said.” Although liability can usually be determined by a police report, it’s not uncommon for insurance agencies to have to send out a field inspector and get an in-person look at the damages for analysis. Compounding this already complicated job, is the fact that different states and insurance companies all come with their own rules and regulations. You might be surprised to find out that you are being held liable for an accident that you believe was completely out of your control.

When Sun Glare Gets in the Way

If you’ve ever been stuck driving in the same direction as the setting sun, you understand how blinding it can be. Even the best sunglasses can’t always protect your eyes from this burning sphere of fire. While navigating the roadways, drivers have no choice but to look straight ahead. Unfortunately, sun glare can become a very real hazard that may seem almost impossible to avoid. It’s important to realize that sun glare alone does not excuse you from liability in an accident. Even if your view was obstructed, it is ultimately up to the driver to exercise caution. If you can’t see well enough to drive, your best bet is to pull over and wait for safer conditions.

If Someone Else Borrowed Your Vehicle

You may assume that if someone else gets into an accident when borrowing your car, their insurance will pick up the tab. Not so fast! The purpose of car insurance is to cover the associated vehicle, not necessarily the driver. If your car gets stolen, it is imperative that you file a police report right away. This will help your case by proving that you didn’t willfully allow the thief to borrow your car. If they end up getting in an accident, you can claim that you weren’t responsible. If you have a friend or family member with a bad driving record, you may want to specifically exclude them from your policy from the get-go. Doing this can help protect your insurance from being tapped in the event that they end up behind the wheel of your car. Taking time to understand the details of your coverage will help you avoid surprises when accidents happen.

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