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Boat Insurance

Boat and Watercraft Insurance

Coverage that’s sure
to float your boat.

Our approach is “all hands on deck” to customize your Marine Insurance needs. Accidents happen on the water just as they do on the road. Let us provide expert guidance in finding the coverage that best suits you and your budget. By placing your trust in DRS Insurance Group, you are guaranteed to have customized coverage at the best rates available.


Coverage Every Boater Needs

Don’t let anything happen to your boat. Work with us to make sure that you, your family and your boat are protected in the unlikely event of an accident. 

Protection Against Uninsured Boaters

Unfortunately not every boater carries insurance. Make sure that you are covered no matter what. 

Protection Against Theft, Vandalism, Fire, and Flood

You love your boat. We love your boat. Let’s make sure that your boat can be repaired or replaced.

Roadside Assistance

Don’t be left stranded. Make sure to have your back-up plan in place before the need arises. 

Stay safe with these tips!

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