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5 Essential Hurricane Prep Tasks Most People Forget

Don’t forget these important last minute tips!

If you live on the coast or in an area prone to hurricanes, it’s likely that you’re a pro at hurricane preparation and survival. After all, you spend half of each year with an eye on the brewing ocean and the weatherman’s forecast. You’ve got a stockpile of canned goods, water, and plywood to board your windows in the garage. But did you remember these 7 essential hurricane prep tasks that are commonly overlooked?

Keep Cash On Hand

In today’s digital world, most people never carry cash. However, it’s a very wise idea to keep an envelope of cash with you or in a safe place with your hurricane supplies at home. In a storm, ATMs will likely be emptied, if you’re able to get to one at all. You may need cash for any number of reasons; the last thing you want is to be caught without it.

Make Copies Of Important Documents

Get a waterproof file folder or safe to contain all of your vital documents. Make copies of identification cards, house and vehicle documents, medical records and documents for each child.

Have A Plan For Flooding & Sewage

In the event of a flood, the floodwater is likely laced with sewage due to water plant overflow. This is very dangerous water that carries bacteria and breeds many viral and parasitic diseases, including vector-borne diseases from mosquitos. Be prepared if flooding occurs in your area by keeping enough supplies to enable you to stay in until the floodwaters recede. Consider investing in a pair of waterproof waders to wear if you do need to leave your home. If you have a basement, have a sump-pump installed to prevent sewage flooding, along with a battery backup.

Prep Your Pets

While you’re busy making evacuation plans and stocking your hurricane supply stash, don’t forget about your furry friends! Create an emergency kit that includes pet essentials like enough food and water for several weeks, collars and leashes, and stress relief toys. Make sure your pet’s collar is updated with your current information and keep kennels or cages with the supplies in case of evacuation.

Review Your Insurance Coverage

Many people overlook this important task. It’s imperative that you know the details of your home and auto insurance policies and what damages they cover. You may need separate policies for certain things such as flooding and windstorm damage. Look into what your policy will cover if your home is completely destroyed and will need to be rebuilt. How much will your insurance pay for these costs and your accommodations while repairs are being made? Will your policy cover your rental car if your vehicle needs to be repaired? Give your insurance agent a call to discuss your coverage, and don’t wait until a hurricane is headed your way to do so.


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